Greetings Again Alum Banders!!!!
Well once again I attended a spectacular Commencement here at UT! and look forward to welcoming graduating LHBers to OUR Alumni Band!!!!
It seems that even though the football team has “slowed” their National Championship contending the LHB keeps attracting and performing at the highest of levels as always!
As I note this will be my 57th year as Longhorn and Alum Bander and once again I look forward to seeing and greeting and even perhaps “Conducting” you all once again this Fall!
As you are all aware the conference is changing once again!!!  Damn!  I always liked the old battles with those Southwest Conference foes!    Except Ark of course!!! And now that the Aggies especially! have “walked” into the SEC lion’s den we will have to learn new lyrics to songs of different schools!
Nevertheless if you have the time! and I hope you do! and the funds?? which the economy dictates, I urge you to once again book Alum Band weekend so that I can shake your hand and thank all of you again for making this such a band life for all of us!!!! but especially ME!!!!!
and Hook Em!   Horns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!