Since our last newsletter the Austin area has made our annual trip to Brenham for the Maifest parade.  We had a guest bass drummer to fill in for JP since he could not make it. (Mr. D) who did a bang up job on the bass drum, (pun intended).  For those who have never been to our Maifest parade you should come out and join us next year.  The Washington County Texas Exes treat us very well, with a float to ride on and a great BBQ following the parade, complete with Blue Bell ice cream and beer!!!  Plus they gave us a $500 donationto the scholarship fund!!!
The officers were also invited to attend the LHB banquet which was again quite an affair.  It is always a pleasure to attend the banquet and meet the future of LHB and the future LHAB members.  Following the banquet we had our annual get together for the graduating seniors and the members of LHB who were not returning in the fall at Scholtz which is always a good time again to get to know the future members of LHAB.  We had a great turnout and have good prospects for new members this fall.
Keep checking the website for future events not only in Austin but in Houston, San Antonio and the Dallas area.
We need your support for these events which raise money for our scholarship fund.
See you all at Band Day September 8th!!!
Hook Em
George Moxley
Austin Area Rep