Can’t Attend?
Even if you can’t make it to Band Day this year, please keep in touch and help our organization by renewing your membership and paying your annual dues. The dues and fee structure has changed so that if you are not attending Band Day, you don’t have to pay the full registration price as in years past. The dues renewal price is only $15 for a single member or $25 for a joint spouse membership.
The small amount of money you pay for membership in the Longhorn Alumni Band goes a long way. We are a year-round organization with numerous off season small group performances, administrative costs, a music library, and web site to maintain. We budget for instrument repair, storage, and support of our adopted school. All of your LHAB Officers, Board of Directors, and Trustees of the LHAB Charitable Fund serve on a volunteer basis.
Keeping your membership current allows you to access the Blast and complete, searchable membership directory online, and help with our Band Day reunion. The benefits abound from keeping up with your friends! We’ll miss you if you can’t be with us on the Forty Acres this year, but your contribution is greatly appreciated!