Parking on Friday will be in the San Jacinto Garage across from the Band Hall. Parking will cost $6 on Friday.  Parking on Saturday will be in the Speedway Garage and the cost will be $10.  Representatives from Parking Services will be at the Band Hall Friday night to collect parking payments for both days and you can pay by credit card.  

If you are not coming until Saturday, please pick up a coupon at registration or download one here to include with your payment in an envelope that you will pick up at the Speedway Garage office.  Please be sure to pay or you will receive a $25 bill in the mail.

There should be ample parking around the Music Building East and Law School after 5:45 PM on Friday evening for rehearsal and check-in, but please pay attention to signs indicating time and permit restrictions. 
UPDATE: We are working on getting parking at a reduced rate at the San Jacinto Garage directly across from the Band Hall for Friday night.  As it looks now they will have someone there to pay as you enter the garage.  Will send out an email when the plan is finalized.
Vehicles remaining in the garage after midnight will be towed to clear the parking garage for the game on Saturday. * LHB/LHAB ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PARKING/TOWING FEES. 

Game day parking is always scarce. 
Again this year UT is offering us the use of the Speedway Garage located at 27th and Speedway. The parking fee is $10 for the whole day. (Parking is usually $15.) They will be reserving us spaces in the garage. 
There was some confusion last year about paying when the attendant was not at the exit at the end of the game. Here is what should be done when exiting when the attendant is not there. 

Anyone finding an envelope on their vehicle when they return to that vehicle should place $10 in the envelope along with your LHAB parking coupon and drop the envelope in the white “NIGHT DROP BOX” located at the exits on Level 2 of the garage (the exits nearest the garage office).  If there isn’t an envelope on your car, drive to the exit floor.  Last year there were envelopes outside the closed office.  Take one of those envelopes and complete the information, especially the license plate portion of the form.  If the envelopes are not turned in with payment within the time frame noted on the envelope, you will subsequently receive a $25 citation in the mail.
We will be hiring a bus from Clark Travel again to shuttle us from the parking garage to the Band Hall and elsewhere we may need to go. 
Of course, the easiest ways to get to the area is by carpooling or have someone drop you off and pick you up in the area. 
Any changes to this will be announced at the Friday meeting.