Hello to all and thank you for a great Band Day!!!  Here are a list of bullet points that we have addressed for you all. 
  New ideas, Graphic design for the 50th
  Suggestions/Concerns answered
  Friday night activities
New ideas, graphic design contest.
Just wanted to send out a quick blast saying how we appreciate everything everyone does to make our day go so well.  We have had our post band day officers meeting and have discussed ways to make it better and have gone over some concerns/suggestions some of our members have had, in order to make our 50th Anniversary a memorable one for not only our members, but athletics, Texas Fans and Longhorn Band.    

Our officers have already started to think of great ways to make the 50th terrific with new LHAB 50th commemorative polos, hats, and other merchandise that can be purchased on Band Day and hopefully prior to.  On that note we would love membership participation to help with a graphic design for the 50th Anniversary to be put on our merchandise!!!  We ask that if any of our members are willing to create a graphic design, please send to me and there will be an award for the one that will be selected by our officers to represent the 50th!!!    

Also, I will be in meetings with DeLoss Dodds and others from athletics to discuss how we can work more together this coming band day to once again come out with a bang!!!  I know some of you are thinking, maybe our seats will be moved, but that will be hard to do (not saying we are not working on it, us and Directors), although our goal is to reach over 1000 LHAB members, so if that is a number we can reach then athletics would consider something different in order to fit all of us in the stands.  WOW, over a 1000 members would be amazing for this monumental day in our organizations history and I truly believe it a number we can all reach!!! 

  • Music Folders:  As we reach the 50th we are seeing more and more young people join the ranks of LHAB, so we will be keeping the music folders and making sure to add more music from the early days to the present every year!!!
  • BBQ:  We will keep the same location.  Also,  I realized there might have not been enough when some came to eat or it might have been slow, we are going back to giving out tickets when checking in for BBQ.  This will make things faster and more cost efficient because we have had some members try to come back in the line a second time, which means we end up paying for more than actually purchased by members.
  • Lighting Situation:  Athletics have said there are many compliance issues with adding lighting to our area of the stands.  It is not a money issue or not wanting to do it for us, but there has to be certain lighting guidelines they follow for the stadium, players, jumbotron, cameras, etc….To my knowledge and theirs, there has never been temporary lighting up in that area since we have moved up there even though some of our members seem to think so. We are still thinking of ways that we can help that situation out. 
  • Enough Drinks for LHAB in stands:  Depending on our budget we are proposing to buy more drinks to have before the game and after halftime.
  • Family members marching down with LHAB in block:  Due to liability issues, we ask that family members/children not march within the registered members of LHAB.  We had a lot of complaints from members with this as well, so to compromise we will allow family members/children to march down, but in their own block behind LHAB, so they can still follow us up to the stands. 
  • Children at rehearsal:  We are trying to develop a way to keep children busy during rehearsal so we don’t have them jumping/running on UT Athletic equipment- not a good way to keep a great relationship if we mess up their stuff.   If our plan doesn’t work out, we ask that everyone please arrange a way to keep an eye on children during our rehearsal time.
Friday Night Activities 

  • If you were not able to participate at one of our happy hour activities, be assured we will keep doing this and be adding more venues like Scholz!!!  Maybe even some sort of reception for the 50th, a lot of things still in the works.
    Know we are doing our best to accommodate everyone and address as many concerns/suggestions that we can.  I know we will never be able to please everyone  in our great organization, but the officers are especially going to try to hit key points.  We are working closely with Directors and Athletics to make this coming year great for everyone and I hope y’all can call up as many of your LHAB friends and get them to march or just be with the band on this special day!!! 
    Thank you, Take Care and May The Eyes of Texas Be Upon YOU!!!
    Eddie Lopez
    LHB ’03-’08
    LHAB President
    Cell:  956-458-6162