For many years, the DFW area had an active playing group. In recent years, that proud tradition has fallen off. Some of this is due to demographics… our current instrumentation on our database is woefully weak on trumpets, for example. Some is due to the inaccuracies in our records. I know we have members in the DFW area who are not on our current roster. I don’t know how to entice more trumpet players to move to the Metroplex, but I believe we can rebuild our ensemble with some help from our members.

I would like to assemble a group to update our email and membership records. People respond more to folks they know, so we’ll need volunteers from all decades. Having a mix of instruments would be helpful, too. I’d like to break our local database down by years in band, verify their accuracy, add missing members back on it, and try to get a core group set up so we’ll have the numbers and instrumentation to play for more events.

If you can donate a couple hours to this project, I think we can rebuild here quickly. Besides, it is a good chance for you to find out whatever happened to… ! It’ll be easier and more fun with more of you helping. Please email me at if you will help so we can once again enjoy more playing opportunities. If you can’t help, but want to be sure you are on the list, please send your latest info.. we can use that, too.


Scott Harmon
DFW Area Rep.