First LHAB Officers would like to announce that our 50th Reunion will be held on August 31, 2013 and will kick off with the opening of the Longhorn football season against New Mexico State. We will have our annual business meeting August 30th with hopefully some special guests and afterwards we would like to have an organizational RECEPTION at SCHOLZ GARTEN for all registered for band day.

  • We are asking for donations if anyone is willing to help out with food, beverages, or in a monetary way.
    • We would have the Hall and outside area of Scholz’s
    • All that are registered to attend band day  your admission is included
      • $5 for guests
  • Presentation of a possible NEW LOGO for Alumni Band
  • If you would like to donate food/beverages e-mail me at

Registration is now open at Spread the word and make this the record breaking year for attendance for LHAB Band Day!!!