Hello to all and hope everyone is having a fantastic year so far!!! The officers with the help of the LHB Staff have been planning and discussing the ways we can make this Band Day one of the most memorable for you as we embark on this monumental event in our organization’s history.

We were able to find out the date of Band Day very early, we are having a reception after our business meeting, having media and hopefully Longhorn Network cover our 50th Anniversary. Our communication with Athletics has gone very well and we look forward to this year and the future as we march forward.

As the years go by it is challenging to please every age in the Alumni Band, but we are trying our best to make this happen. At this years business meeting we will unveil a NEW logo for LHAB that I think a lot of our members will be pleased with, but like anything else we will vote on this logo at the meeting.

We are looking for this Band Day to be the BEST ATTENDED ever in our history. I want to show Athletics and The University of Texas that we are one of the strongest Alumni organizations not only in Texas but the world and we can accomplish that with your help!!! Tell your friends and family that they will not want to miss this day.

Come back and visit with our age developed friends as we celebrate a moment in history!!

Hook’em and May the Eyes of Texas Always be Upon You!!

Eddie Lopez