Dear LHB Alumni:

It occurs to me that the Longhorn Band Director has the best “seat” in the stadium: perched atop a ladder close to the action on the field….and RIGHT IN FRONT OF the powerful sound that has always characterized the “Showband of the Southwest.”  Conducting “The Eyes of Texas” in celebration of a Longhorn victory remains an incomparable thrill!

When reflecting upon my years with The Longhorn Band, I never fail to be filled with gratitude for the opportunity to be associated with the absolute best, brightest, most talented and incredibly dedicated students at The University.

What fun it will be to gather once again for Alumni Weekend; to share stories and accomplishments since graduation; to once again relive those unforgettable moments of LHB life that can only be understood by those who have been there.

Thanks for the memories. Hook Em!

Paula A. Crider, Professor Emeritus
Director, Emeritus, The University of Texas Longhorn Bands