1. Why have our seats been moved to the upper deck?

LHAB and LHB directors have worked closely with UT Athletics to have our seats moved, but many of the seats in the stadium are sold to season ticket holders. There are certain sections that are not season tickets yet, which is where LHAB sits.  We greatly appreciate UT Athletics listening to our concerns every year.

2. Why do we have to have a business meeting during our Friday night rehearsal?
According to our bylaws of LHAB, we have to hold an annual meeting with our members in Austin. We chose to do so on Friday night to make Saturday’s rehearsal less stressful.

3. It was difficult to hear at the business meeting. Do you have a better sound system?
In 2014, we will borrow LHB’s sound system for our business meeting.

4. Why does it always take so long to start the marching rehearsal on Saturday morning? 
This year we had over 700 people marching with some sections being larger than anticipated. We were literally re-charting people as we went to prevent injuries. Next year, we have plan to have a more flexible chart and more section leaders volunteer.

5. Why did we run out of drinks before halftime? 
We ordered 2 drinks per person (1400 drinks.) With the march up the ramp & humidity, most of them were consumed during pregame.

6. Several of the rental instruments are in need of repair.
We’ve heard your concerns and are organizing a day to inventory non-working instruments. Representatives from each section are encouraged to attend. Most of the instruments we rent out are: mellos, tubas, and percussion. We don’t have woodwinds or smaller brass instruments available for rental. Please bring your own mouthpiece!

7. Where can I find information about Band Day?All information is posted on the Blast Blog which can be found on lhab.org. It automatically sends you a message via Facebook and Twitter. Please like us on our official Facebook page to remain in constant communication.