You fellow drummers owe me, John King and Linda McDavitt some cold beers! We were the only ones who showed up for Percussion Repair Day. Fortunately 3 LHAB officers also showed up to help… Nefertiti, Jaime, and Heather. Be sure and thank them!

We tossed a lot of crap leaving the following inventory:
10 harness snares
1 sling snare
5-voice tonal bass drum set
3-voice tonal bass drum set
5 quints 
1 quad
1 tri-tom 
4 pair cymbals
1 glockenspiel 
12 extra harnesses 

A few of these drums are being sent for repair because they need a new head or lug, nothing major. I’m glad it’s over… I’ve been wanting to do that for years!

Hook ‘Em,
Jeanne Yturri