Be prepared to get your instrument to Austin, TX by Band Day, Oct. 17-18th, if you want it shipped.

You may drop it off or have a family member, friend, another traveler do so. Please have a luggage tag with your personal contact information on the sturdy case. You’ll be handed a special brightly colored orange luggage tag for shipping identification purposes. Please note the approximately value and weight of your personal instrument for insurance shipping purposes.

Here are the three drop off times:

  • Friday, Oct. 17th from 5-9p.m. at the business meeting. (Only if you’re not participating in Band Day at the LONDON U-Haul).
  • Saturday, Oct. 18th at the LONDON U-Haul following the end of the game. 
  • Sunday, Oct. 19th 2:00p.m sharp,  load your personal instrument on the U-haul with the orange luggage tag following Mr. DiNino’s reception at Scholtz.
Hard/Durable Travel Cases

    If you are renting an instrument from LHAB, we will pack it for you.  As stated in our London contract, LHAB can only ship these instruments in sturdy standard instrument cases:

    • Alto Sax
    • Banner
    • Bertha
    • Big Flag
    • Mello
    • Percussion-Bass
    • Percussion- Cymbals
    • Percussion- Snare
    • Percussion- Tenors
    • Silk
    • SOB
    • Trombone
    • Tuba
    • U.S & State Flag

    All other instruments (clarinets, piccolos, trumpets, and twirler batons) will be part of your luggage or carry-on. Please pack accordingly.

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