Yvonne Powell was one of the original women in LHB and she comes to band day every year.  She has white hair, small and thin frame, and usually carries the banner with the others.  She taught school for many years.  She has two daughters and one is deaf. Her husband passed away in Feb. of 2014.

Unfortunately on May 2, 2014 she suffered from a devastating house fire and lost everything. Her neighbors have kindly contacted  UT Public affairs, the Band Office and myself in hopes of helping her. We have validated the story and our now asking the LHAB community for support. She’s living with her daughter. There is a Giving Forward Fund set up for Yvonne and the monies will be compiled and given directly to her. Click here to be directed.

We wish you all the best as you begin to rebuild after the fire,
Nefertiti, LHAB President