Updated 8/6/14

Hello all,
Coach Strong, his staff, and the team are hosting a preseason luncheon on Thursday, August 14, at the Erwin Center. This will be the only event football hosts before the season starts, so it will be a very high-profile. Currently we have about 15-20 members, but would like to have 10-15 more attend to fulfill 30 seats. UT Athletics is graciously providing free lunch & parking.

Here’s the final schedule:
11:00 a.m. Park for free at the Trinity Garage lower level entrance. Notify the guard you’re with Alumni Band.
11:15-11:30 a.m. Warm Up @ Rooms 1.90-1.912
11:40 line up & wait
11:55 March Grandioso
12:07 Store instruments for luncheon & eat
1:00 Retrieve instruments during speech; return to line up
1:15-1:25 Be ready to play Eyes of Texas. May play other Traditionals if Coach Strong’s speech is brief.

If you’re new and attending we wear solid black pants, socks, shoes, and a collard white shirt. Alumni vests will be provided.
Please contact George Moxley if you are available.