It’s time to revamp the LHAB Showcases!  In honor of our upcoming trip to London, Jerry Hayes is working to fill our showcases with items that fall under the umbrella of “Travels of the Past”.  If you have anything that fits the description below, please contact Jerry Hayes (

Travels of the Past 
 As you should be aware the Longhorn Alumni Band is going to London this New Years, but in years past the Longhorn Band has traveled and preformed at many other location; Presidential Inaugurations, The Super Bowl, Rosebowl Parade and bowl game. 
For one of the Alumni Band showcases at the Music Building, I’m planning on covering this topic.  I’m looking for any photos, stories, and information on past trips.  I’m able to scan any hard copy you might have and I’ll be using a wide-format printer to reproduce in the case so you’ll get your originals back.  But if you are able to send me high-res scans that would be great too. 
I’ve heard stories that the old “circle drills” were developed because the band did a show in a bull ring.  This might just be folklore, but if true there’s a story.  I also know of many tales of KKY guys driving Big Bertha to away bowl games.  I’m sure there’s a story in there too. 
Any help would be great.  Send electronic files to or email me with any information.