Good evening all,
As you might of heard by now, Mr. DiNino is in the I.C.U. Several of you have visited which has brightened his spirits. LHB dedicated the halftime show to him and played the Eyes over the phone at Saturday’s rehearsal. I spoke with Tim Sloan, his wife, this evening and she’s very grateful for all the well wishes.

One of the members suggested to Tim that we organize a get well card campaign. Below are the details if you would like to send a get well card through snail mail. Please help me get the word out to all our alumni friends who aren’t checking their email. Keep Mr. D in your thoughts and prayers. He’s really hoping to attend Band Day weekend to conduct.

Tim suggested that we send cards and best wishes to:
Patient: Vincent R. DiNino
In Care of: St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital
6720 Bertner Avenue
Houston, Texas 77030

Since Mr. D is expecting to be moved to another room as soon as tomorrow, Tim recommended using their home address for the return address. That address is:
2117 6th Street
Bay City, Texas, 77414

(Details for registration will be online within the next week. Check—the Blast Blog for all the latest information in September.)

Alumni Band Day 2014- Oct. 18th vs. Iowa State

Thank you for all your support during this difficult time,
Nefertiti Williams

LHAB President 2014