Final Verification List~ due Aug. 28th!

Online (—London Links)you will see a master list with all the information under your name. If your name is in red font, we are unable to verify something probably because a form was not completed. If it’s a passport issue, you are on the pending list.

All others, please check us for discrepancies. DUE DATE IS AUGUST 28, 2014 @ NOON. Email us with the issue. Please note this is a HARD DEADLINE. Thank you in advance for being responsible.

Instrument Inquiries

  1. Yes, your personal instrument must be in sturdy/hard case. Borrow or buy one as LHAB doesn’t have any. Otherwise, rent an instrument from us here.
  2. If you’re a piccolo, clarinet, trumpet or twirler, your instrument will be packed in your suitcase. If you’re renting one from us, we will notify you when it has arrived in Austin for you to pick it up. Sorry, but we can’t take it for you.
  3. Shipping of instruments larger than a trumpet will be in late Dec. from Austin and returned the week of Jan. 12th to Austin. This fee is included already in the price for Option 1 & 2ers. Option 3ers, the cost will be added to your final payment. Shipping Instruments


Jackets and hats are available for pick up at the Baylor game, Iowa game and my condo.  Times will be posted in October. If you’re unable to make those days, it will be shipped at your expense after Band Day. If you’re on Option 3 and live outside of the U.S., please contact us so we can make arrangements with you. London Uniforms Distribution

Final Payment

Option 1, 2, & 3ers- please wait until you receive an email invoice for your amount during the week of Oct.19th. You’re expected to pay it in full immediately. Please plan accordingly for the larger sum. As per the London officials: e-tickets, hotel keys, etc…will not be released until you’re paid in full. Your final payment will include plus or minus any variation in airline, airport & government taxes, fee charges, surcharges or currency exchange plus any further payments due for selected extras and the LHAB uniform and shipping if applicable. The new final payment date is Oct. 24, 2014. Do not pay until we email you. There is no Sept. payment.

Hotel Room Blocks

Room blocks for 3 persons are in high demand. We are waiting for confirmation to see if they’re enough rooms available. Certain groups will be notified if we need to rearrange your room type.

Travel Insurance

 After September 1, 2014, when the Passenger Manifest (name list) is turned in, travelers who are covered by the trip cancellation insurance that is included in the program (which includes a $40 supplemental charge for those age 72 or older) covers you for an “unforeseen medical emergency unrelated to a pre-existing condition”.  We strongly advise everyone to read the full terms and conditions of the insurance policy, as this is a contract between you and the insurer.  We want everyone to take the time to be well-informed regarding their rights and responsibilities.  Travel insurance policy will be posted online once the London officials send us the 2014 version.

Cancellation List

There are some members who have cancelled and are seeking reimbursement from other London members. As stated in previous emails: “find another traveler(s) to transfer all of the funds you have currently paid to their account and have them personally reimburse you (this can only be done once enough people have signed up to cover the spots that you signed up for).  LHAB is not facilitating any transaction between you and another traveler, and in the event that you transfer funds to or from another traveler you are fully responsible and liable for the transaction and any charges, costs, or consequences that result from it.”  You can always check with us to see if they’re on the cancellation list before sending them any money.

Hook ‘Em,

Nefertiti Williams
LHAB President 2014