This is just a friendly reminder that children over the age of 2 are required by Athletics to have a ticket to enter the stadium. Please abide by their policy.

At the Indoor Practice Facility (IPF aka..Bubble) it’s imperative that we respect Athletics facility and their equipment. While we welcome the vibrant energy and enthusiasm of children, they are to be closely monitored by an adult not participating in rehearsal. Please find a friend or babysitter for this task. We appreciate your help with this matter as guests of the Athletic department.

Lastly, for the safety of your child and others, children and non-LHAB members are NOT allowed to march in the ranks. We will have an LHAB officer and other adults assigned to walk this group of kids on the sidewalks near the band. Each child must have their ticket in hand as they will use a different entrance from LHAB. Your children will be escorted to our section of the stadium.

Thanks for your understand and making this a fun day for all ages,
LHAB Officers