We are starting to put together bands for the 2014/2015 Basketball Games that occur during the Holiday season.  
Alumni are invited to make themselves available for ALL games, but the MBB vs Texas State game on December 13 is our very first ALUMNI Basketball Game!  If you are ONLY available for that game, please still fill out the survey.  Mark that you are an alum, so I can give you preference for that game.
1.  Students that play these games are compensated $35 for each game played payed in cash at the event.  Games typically last about two hours from the tip.
2.  Performers are asked to be in the band seats with uniform and all equipment at the Erwin Center 45 minutes before the tip-off of each game.  This means that players should arrive one hour before tip off to change and get their music book and stand (located at Erwin Center).
3.  Uniform: JEANS, White Tshirt (Pullover Top provided at Erwin Center) – Change into uniform in Band Locker Room.  Please wear a WHITE SHIRT under your basketball top. After the game, you can put your uniform away in the locker room and directly depart.  
4.  Parking passes are single-use and disposable.  Players will pick up parking passes for any/all games they are playing from the Band Office Staff during regular business hours (M-F; 8am-5pm). Parking is in Lot 70.  Link to Basketball Parking map showing Lot 70.
5.  Players should enter the Erwin Center through the Red River doors and identify themselves as band members.
6.  Once rosters are set, players are expected to find a substitute on the same instrument in the event of a conflict.
7.  There is a rehearsal in the Band Hall on Tuesday, December 9.  You are REQUIRED attend this ONLY rehearsal if you are playing ANY games.
8.  The MBB vs Texas State game on Saturday, December 13 is the OFFICIAL Alumni game.  Alumni will be given first preference on this game only and there is a special rehearsal for that game on Saturday, December 13 from 12PM to 1:30PM in the Band Hall.  If you are ONLY playing this one game, you don’t need to attend the rehearsal on December 9, but need to attend THIS rehearsal.
9.  Alumni are invited to ALL the games.  Current students get first preference, but we almost always have a few slots for our dedicated alumni to fill throughout the holidays.  We GREATLY appreciate your help over the holidays!
10.  If you are available for ANY of the following games, please fill out the following survey:
Available = you can play that game
Unavailable = you cannot play that game
*If you’re not a UT student, create any number in the EID text box to submit your survey. *
Please complete this survey ASAP and no later than THURSDAY, December 4.
Holiday Game Rehearsal – 12.9.14 (Tues), 3:30-5PM, BAND HALL – REQUIRED if playing ANY games
MBB vs Texas State – 12.13.14 (Sat), 12-1:30PM Rehearsal in BAND HALL; 6:15PM CALL TIME at Erwin Center (ALUMNI GAME)
WBB vs Northwestern St – 12.14.14 (Sun); 1:15PM CALL
MBB vs Lipscomb – 12.16.14 (Tues); 6:15PM CALL
WBB vs McNeese St – 12.17.14 (Wed); 6:15PM CALL
MBB vs Long Beach St – 12.20.14 (Sat); 6:15PM CALL
MBB vs Stanford – 12.23.14 (Tues); 5:15PM CALL
MBB vs Rice – 12.29.14 (Mon); 6:15PM CALL – If Bowl conflict arises, I will reassign and take LHB people off this game. Game time will change for bowl viewing.
WBB vs Rice – 12.30.14 (Tues); 6:15PM CALL
WBB vs Kansas – 1.3.15 (Sat); 6:15PM CALL
MBB vs Oklahoma – 1.5.15 (Mon); 7:15PM CALL
WBB vs West Virginia – 1.7.15 (Wed); 6:15PM CALL
WBB vs Texas Tech – 1.17.15 (Sat); 11:15AM CALL – DOUBLE HEADER
MBB vs West Virginia – 1.17.15 (Sat); 4:15PM CALL or 7:15PM CALL – DOUBLE HEADER

Anthony C. Marinello, III
Assistant Director | Longhorn Band
Director | Longhorn Pep Band
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