Want to watch your band perform at London’s New Year’s Day Parade on your local TV station in the USA?
Well you can help make it happen!
We at the parade are telling your local stations that it is available – but experience has shown that it always helps if their viewers tell them that they want to watch it.
We are making available live coverage of all the action to your local news network affiliates free of charge. They are permitted to show it as it happens – or pre record it for later transmission.
It would be well worthwhile contacting your local stations and tell them just that – and maybe get your friends and colleagues to do the same
The technical data is outlined below – and will be posted in the media section of our website www.lnydp.com
Just get the TV station (not the viewers) to email dan@lnydp.com to register their interest and we will publicise their transmission too.
The transmission is commercial free – and broadcast with American stations in mind.
Date: 1 Jan 2015
Time:  11.15-15.45 GMT / 06.15-10.45 EST
Broadcast begins at 07.00 EST (12 NOON GMT)
No Commercial Breaks


dan@lnydp.com +44 7785 392735

Thank you so much for supporting Longhorn Alumni Band,
London Officers