A gentle reminder: You must be in the approved uniform to participate in the parade.

  • London Jacket
  • White collared shirt/turtleneck
  • Solid black pants
  • Solid black socks & shoes
  • White Stetson or Santa Hat (Tubas)
  • Black Gloves (optional) 
  • Rain Poncho
  • Stetson Hat Cover

It’s highly suggested that you bring an umbrella and rain gear for sight-seeing. Black waterproof shoes are ideal. Water resistant, or at least water treated with silicone or Scotch Guard will be helpful
if the parade or rehearsal includes “liquid sunshine” as the Brits refer to rain. A trip to Academy or
a sporting goods store for hand warmer packs will add a degree of comfort for cold hands.
You might also invest in wool socks, long johns, warm scarf, head cover or other necessary “comfort” items. Bring an extra power converter & UK plug.