Support our Sweetheart!  Our beloved bass drum, Big Bertha, is on her
first international journey accompanying the Longhorn Alumni Band as
they march through the streets of London, England at the head of the
Lord Mayor’s London New Years Day Parade!  Needless to say, getting this
90+ year old treasure safely “across the pond” and back is a monumental
undertaking that could only be done first class from start to finish. 

While Bertha has been in the able care of experienced Drum Wranglers
volunteering from within our own ranks, we have also hired a team of
professional shippers, contracted with an air cargo service, rented
warehouse space, and taken out a substantial insurance policy to cover
any contingency.  This part hasn’t been cheap!  That’s where you come

Help us defray these costs now so we can devote more funds raised
in the future to providing scholarships to deserving Longhorn Band men
and women, and support the many other worthwhile endeavors of The
Showband of the Southwest.  The newly rechartered Longhorn Band
Foundation is the 501(c)(3) non-profit entity that can accept your
donation for this purpose.  A receipt will be sent to you documenting
your gift for your tax records.  Make your check payable to the Longhorn
Band Foundation with a note for Bertha’s trip, and mail it today to:

Longhorn Band Foundation
P.O. Box 300405
Austin, Texas 78703

Hook ’em Horns!

Scott Hendrix, BOD President
Donna Beth McCormick. LHB Foundation Treasurer
Bill Phillips, LHB Foundation President
and the rest of the gang