Wishing you success this Spring LHABers!

I hope you are doing well this season. This is just a quick note to update you on all the new developments with LHAB and LHB.

  • Letter from LHB Director
  • Letter from BOT President
  • Letter from BOD President
  • LHAB participated in its first Alumni Basketball Game (Pep Band) Reunion on Dec. 13, 2014.
  • London’s New Year’s Day Parade was a ENORMOUS success. Check out pictures on the LHAB site and ask your fellow members about their favorite moment.
  • Big Bertha made her debut on “reality tv” on Shipping Wars on Feb.24, 2015. Ask JP Kirksey about the behind the scenes details.
  • Vincent R. DiNino Resolution was read on the Texas House Floor on Mar. 12, 2015

Mark your calendars with the dates listed below:

  • Longhorn Run, Austin, Tx, Apr. 11th @ 7:30 a.m 
  • Maifest, May 2nd, Brenham, Tx- Yes it’s a parade and we ride on a float.
  • Dr. Carnochan’s Farewell Party Austin, Tx- May 2015- TBD
  • Band Day, Sept. 18-19, 2015

Please know that Jerry Junkin will do his best to keep LHAB informed of the progress of the search for the new LHB director. The committee (composed of BSOM members, UT officials, etc..) is attempting to move quickly and hire someone by the first week of May. Keep an eye out on social media for any further updates.

Best wishes in the spring & Hook ‘Em,
Nefertiti Williams
LHAB President 2015