We are again invited to Brenham for the Maifest parade.  The parade is Saturday, May 2nd at 10:00am.

For those in Austin we will meet at the Moton Crockett’s office, at the northeast corner of Riverside and South Congress Ave around 7:00am so we can head out by 7:30am to caravan to Brenham.  Let us know if you are interested in joining the caravan so we don’t leave without anyone.
For anyone who has not been before this is a lot of fun and they take very good care of us.  They feed us well and let us go around downtown TWICE!!!!!!!  There is the BBQ, Blue Bell Ice Cream and Beer at the park following the parade.  And they always have a very generous donation to the scholarship fund which is what it is all about.
For those who want to go on their own here are driving instructions from Austin and Houston for our Houston area folks that want to help out.
From Houston 290 to loop 577, take a right, continue through two lights past Blue Bell creameries and across railroad tracks to third light at main street, take a left, (if early enough) continue on main to four way stop, fire station on the right, go through four way stop to parking lot next to Culligan water/bus station / ( if late) take a left at four way stop , through the next four way stop past the old blue bell creamery , across the railroad track taking the first right along the tracks, continue to stop sign, (Woodson lumber on the right ) take a right to Culligan water parking lot
From Austin follow 290 coming in on Alamo (if early enough) through three lights to bus station take a left to the Culligan water parking lot ( if late) come in on Alamo to the railroad track, take a right (North Austin Parkway) then the first left (Washington County Real Estate building on the left) continue until street dead ends to Market Street, take a right on market street and an immediate left  (do not continue to railroad tracks)  to the stop sign, take a left at the stop sign to Culligan water parking lot/bus station
Let us know if you plan on attending,
Austin Area Rep