LHAB members,
This past year has been a tremendous year for UT, the LHAB, Butler School of Music and most importantly for the LHB. The LHB and LHAB today enjoy more support than ever and the creation of the LHB Legacy Fund will help continue the remarkable legacy of the LHB for generations to come.
One of our newest friends and supporters instrumental in the formation of the LHB Legacy Fund, Mr. John Massey of Dallas, will be installed as the next President of the Texas Exes on Friday July 29 at 1 pm in the Alumni Center.
We have an opportunity to show our appreciation and support for Mr. Massey and the Exes by playing “The Eyes” and “Texas Fight” along with other traditional tunes for 10-15 minutes. Lunch will be provided.
We realize this is lunch time on a work day, but encourage any and all who are able to join us.
Please RSVP BELOW as soon as possible (by July 15) so that we can give the Exes a good number estimate for lunch.
Jo Lyn Peters
President, LHAB