Are you interested in becoming more involved in LHAB?

Here’s your opportunity!

We are looking for volunteers to serve in a variety of ways for the 2016-17 Alumni Band Year.  The following positions are needed:

LHAB Officers:
  • President-Elect (must have been an officer now or in the past)
  • Vice President 
  • Assistant Vice-President: Archivist
  • Assistant Vice-President: Music Librarian
  • Assistant Vice President: Area Representative for Dallas/Fort Worth
Board of Directors (must have experience as an officer of LHAB or LHB):
  • 1 Person for a one-year term (2016-17)
  • Nominating Committee for 2017-18 (Chaired by
    the Past President.  Other members to be elected at our annual business meeting at Band Day)
  • Code of Ethics Committee (Appointed by the Officers. Committee meets only if there is a conduct or ethics issue to be addressed.)
  • Properties Committee (Chaired by Asst. VP for Properties. Member appointed by the Officers.)
  • Logo, Emblem, and Seal Committee (Deals with issues concerning the use of our logo)
The full list of LHAB Officers, Board of Directors, and Committee Positions are found on our website (“Documents” section, “Bylaws”).  Please note that some job descriptions are still being updated by the Board of Directors.  Updated policies will be posted by mid-August.
If you are interested in serving as an elected Officer, a member of next year’s Nominating Committee, or on one of the LHAB committees, please contact any member of the nominating committee.

Nominating Committee Members:

Joe Dahlstrom, chair (

Heather Wright (