It is time to begin working on airlines reservations into Paris. There are two ways for you to book flights to Normandy for the June 2019 trip.

1)       Book your flight through Historic Programs as part of a group reservation, as Historic Programs does not book flights for individual passengers.

2)       Book your own flight.

Historic Programs requires us to meet at the Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport in Paris on Wednesday, June 5, 2019, between 6 am and 10 am.


●        Reply to Historic Programs Email so they can reserve “group” seats on flights, but they will need to know how many seats to reserve and from what cities.  Members will receive an email from Cherish Walser with Historic Programs.  Please reply to their email by July 15th with what city you will be departing from and the number of travelers in your party.  Their email requires a simple YES or NO response and #s in your party.  DO NOT send your information to LHAB.  Please reply to the Historic Programs email.

NO PAYMENT IS NEEDED AT THIS TIME – It is just a poll to determine the # of seats Historic Program will need to order from airlines.

●        Airfare prices:  Generally coach tickets vary, but should be similar to the London trip, being in the $1,400 to $1,700 range. The final airfare rate depends on the airlines AND number of group travelers.
●        Group reservations allow for deviations and allow for a deferred final payment (February 15), but group fares are not necessarily lower than published fares online. Airlines sell a certain number of seats at certain fares, and often when booking a group, the fare available when 100 seats are needed might be different from the fare when on 4 or 5 seats are needed.
●        Seat assignments will be made by the airline upon the actual ticket purchase after group number of travelers are determined and can be secured, Historic Programs will notify all travelers regarding payment arrangements and due dates. 


●        On February 1, 2019, Historic Programs will require names and passport information for ticketing. The airfare cost will be added to your MyTourAccount page as soon as the fare is confirmed (likely between July 15 and September 15)

●        What if I change my mind?  That is not a problem, as long as you advise Historic Programs prior to February 15, 2019. Once ticketed you are responsible, just like any flight within the US. If you are worried or concerned, then we suggest you take out trip insurance. Note that some credit cards have trip insurance.  Upon email receipt from Historic Programs, Cherish Walser, please respond ASAP with necessary information NO LATER THAN JULY 15, 2018.  

If  you are ‘Unsure‘ on making a group reservation, please give Historic Programs the following information:

  • Your departure city
  • Names of everyone in your individual party who needs seats
  • Do you plan on deviating on your return?
    • If so, what date do you want to return and from which city?

Please respond by July 15th.

Travel insurance is NOT included as part of the trip fee.  Insurance is a personal choice you make to safeguard your trip investment.  There are several reputable companies to choose from – research and use a company that best suits your need.  We have a recommendation from the TexasExes Association:  
●        USI Travel Insurance Services
“Because we have had a relationship with the company for many years, and we know that they are conscientious and capable of resolving claims quickly and efficiently, we endorse tri-level SELECT USI Travel Insurance.”  TexasExes

Q.  Where do I direct questions regarding trip registration issues or trip payment issues?
A.  Please contact Historic Programs coordinator, Cherish Walser


Basically, you are on your own and responsible for arranging your own travel and responsible for expenses as you normally do on personal travel.  LHAB will not be responsible for your travel arrangements AND you will be required to advise us that you are booking on your own.  You must agree to arrive in Paris at the designated times by Historic Programs.  Below are some notes on travel questions.

Q. Can I use my airline points and book my travel on my own?
A. YES, absolutely as most airlines will not publish their flight schedules until 11 months out from return date (ie July 11, 2018).   You can use your airline points, rewards, miles, etc., but must schedule your arrival time in order to meet us at the CDG Airport in Paris at the appointed time (6 am – 10 am, Wednesday, June 5, 2019).

Q.  Do you suggest using travel insurance?
Because you are opting to book travel on your own and not thru Historic Programs, this is NOT included as part of the trip fees.  Insurance is a personal choice you should consider to safeguard your trip investment.  Please see the Normandy FAQ page for vendors or included with your airfare purchase.

NOTE:  If you go early, you are responsible for
1) Your hotel expenses for the nights before we arrive
2) Commute expenses getting to the airport to meet the rest of the band.

Q. Can we meet LHAB in Normandy?
A. It is not recommended as travel in and around the region will be extremely restrictive and vehicles will have to have a permit to drive in certain areas. 

FAQ’s  – Go Here for the list of FAQ’s on our website (updated). They are a good reminder of what we can expect and what will be needed to make a reservation, and any other items related to the Normandy trip for June 2019.  We are updating regularly with new information monthly.

REMINDER:  If you have not submitted your uniform order, please do so immediately to meet our uniform vendor deadline.  Click Here to Create Order:

If you have any questions we haven’t addressed, please email us at, and we will answer your concern or question as soon as we can.

Thank you and Hook em’
LHAB Normandy Steering Committee