LHAB Normandy Attendees

This notice is to advise on what we feel are the final estimated costs.

Total: $4000 (approximate depending on your departure city)

Hotel/Trip: $2047 (double occupancy), $2647 (single occupancy)
Uniform: $300 (Total, with Stetson Hat)
Instruments/Shipping: $100
Airfare: Options include flying with the group from Houston, Dallas or Austin, as rates vary.
$1446 – from Austin, with Historic Programs
$1895 – from Dallas, with Historic Programs
$1342 to $1382 – from Houston, with Historic Programs

If you expressed interest in the group flight with Historic Programs, you must reply to Cherish Walker by October 15, 2018, if you wish to reserve your spot.  Please send a separate email to cherish@historicprograms.org by October 15, 2018.  Your party should have received a formal email from Cherish with all the flight details and city you will originate from.

The cost quoted includes all currently known fees, including uniform, instrument shipping and airfare from Austin. This price may be slightly different if you do not need to buy a Stetson hat or if you will be booking your own flights separate from Historic Programs. 

Additionally, all travelers are sharing expenses of instrument and equipment shipping, as none of us would be making this trip without these items.

Registration is still open.  If you are aware of LHAB /LHB members who are on the fence and have yet to register, please encourage them to register and order uniforms ASAP.  Forward this email to them: REGISTER HERE

1.  If you have NOT paid the initial invoice from Historic Programs due on October 1st, please remit payment.
2.  October 1, 2018 – Registration closes and uniform order due.
FAQ section on LHAB website for any questions/answers on Normandy topics.
4.  Add your guest to this update list, email 
geofsloan@gmail.com  with their name and email address, and we will add their name to the listserve.


UT International Office on campus  
US Passport Office:

Thank you!
Normandy Steering Committee