Hello LHAB Normandy Travelers:

We’re now inside 9 months to embarking upon our 75th D-Day Anniversary trip to Normandy and a lot has been happening since the last update.  Lot’s to cover here, and we’ll send regular updates as we gather more details and travel plans become more finalized.

FLIGHT ARRANGEMENTS (Chris Meeker – Historic Programs)
Travelers have two flight booking options.  If you have not yet notified Cherish Walker of your preference, please email her ASAP!!  
Cherish Walser   cherish@historicprograms.org
  1. Book through Historic Programs
  2. Book your own flight with a carrier of choice
If booking your own flight, you must schedule accordingly to meet the LHAB group on the morning of June 5th at the Charles DeGaulle (CDG) airport in Paris, France (info TBA later).
UNIFORMS (Greg Wilson – Chair)
  1. Stetson Hat Order:  If you have not yet ordered  ORDER HERE.
    The deadline will be Oct. 1 at 12-noon if ordering thru LHAB at a cost of approximately $100, includes hat, cover and box.
    If you have to order on your own, expect the cost to be higher.
  2. The uniforms have been ordered.
  3. The cost of your uniform will be handled through Historic Programs, so stay tuned for billing updates. This will make it easy for all of us.
INSTRUMENT SHIPPING (Mike Haecker/ Scott Harmon – Chair)
  1. Mike Haecker and his committee are working hard on determining costs and what company will be used to ship instruments. There will be an added instrument/equipment shipping fee spread out among all players and we are trying to keep as low as possible.
  2. If you carry your instrument on the plane you must bring back with you. Due to the regulations, we cannot ship your instrument back.
  3. If you know of a company that would be interested in sponsoring all or a portion of the shipping costs please send Mike an email: Michael.a.haecker@gmail.com
ROOM ASSIGNMENTS (Jo Lyn Peters – Chair)
  1. Jo Lyn Peters will be coordinating with single room travelers who will need a roommate.
    Expect her to contact you within the next month or so.
NEWS AND MEDIA COVERAGE  (Bill Phillips/Geof Sloan
  1. The KDFW FOX 4 News interview with Mel Kusin, LHAB 1942-43, and it was excellent. http://www.fox4news.com/news/ut-longhorn-band-wwii-vet-prepare-for-75th-anniversary-of-d-day
REHEARSALS AND MUSIC (Dr Scott Hanna – Director)
  1. Sunday, November 18, 2018, from 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm, Dr Hanna will be hosting a playing rehearsal, the day after Band Day in the band hall.
  1. We have the music and it will be posted online for download and available before Band Day.   Dr Hanna anticipates using some of the music for Normandy during this next Band Day performance, so get your horn out, practice the scales and have those lips in shape.
BAND DAY FLY OVER (Bill Phillips/Dr Scott Hanna)
  1. The Commemorative Air Force (CAF) will do a fly-over of several C-47’s including the plane that led the entire Normandy invasion during the November 17 UT pre-game.
  2. We are working with the CAF to have the opportunity to coordinate a fee-based tour of the planes on Sunday, November 18.  More details on this once confirmed.
  1. We are coordinating with Dr Thomas Hatfield, Director, Military History Institute and Dean Emeritus of Continuing Education for the Briscoe Center of American History at UT, who will be advising us on the historical significance of the D-Day Invasion. We may be circulating articles written by Dr Hatfield especially for us.
  2. We will be asking for group leaders to help with logistics and communication once we arrive in France. Group leader duties could include being a point person at a hotel, bus captain, equipment coordinator, LHAB ambassador, etc.   These responsibilities will be finalized as we finalize trip details and needs. These roles are similar to a section leader.

Here is the location on UT Campus you can go to obtain quickly. 

US Passport Office: 

Numerous participants are registered and we do NOT have their email address on record.  Please access this link for MISSING EMAILS and update your information and guest email addresses, or email geofsloan@gmail.com and provide their full name and email address, and traveling partner of LHAB.

We will provide updates on https://lhab.org/normandy-info and @LonghornAlumniBand Facebook page.  If you have any questions we haven’t addressed, contact us and we’ll answer as soon as we can via email at lhabnormandy@gmail.com.