Thank you & London Instrument Update

Thank you to all the volunteers who came out to help pack the instruments for London. I’m amazed at what a fabulous group of members we have!  Just a couple of quick reminders: Mellos– bring a mouthpiece. Several of the LHAB mellos didn’t have one in the case. Percussion– bring an extra pair of mallets. Color guard–…Continue Reading Thank you & London Instrument Update

London Uniform Update

A gentle reminder: You must be in the approved uniform to participate in the parade. London Jacket White collared shirt/turtleneck Solid black pants Solid black socks & shoes White Stetson or Santa Hat (Tubas) Black Gloves (optional)  Rain Poncho Stetson Hat Cover It’s highly suggested that you bring an umbrella and rain gear for sight-seeing….Continue Reading London Uniform Update


Want to watch your band perform at London’s New Year’s Day Parade on your local TV station in the USA?   Well you can help make it happen!   We at the parade are telling your local stations that it is available – but experience has shown that it always helps if their viewers tell…Continue Reading HELP GET LNYDP ON TV CAMPAIGN

Shipping London Instruments

The time has come to ship your instrument to London. Anyone failing to drop off their instrument will cause our entire instrument carnet to be voided and sadly, we won’t have any instruments for the parade. It’s imperative your instrument makes it to the storage unit.  We need volunteers to help us pack instruments and…Continue Reading Shipping London Instruments


Parade Music Order: Grandioso, Yellow Rose/Piccolo Interlude only, March of the Longhorns…repeat sequence as needed.  The Eyes of Texas Texas Fight March Grandioso March of the Longhorns Yellow Rose of Texas Wabash Cannonball You can download your part and start practicing now. Be sure you’re comfortable playing all parts in case we need you to switch…Continue Reading LONDON MUSIC

London Supplement Travel Insurance

Dear London Travelers, London Travel insurance policy has been posted.  We strongly advise everyone to read the full terms and conditions of the insurance policy, as this is a contract between you and the insurer.  We want everyone to take the time to be well-informed regarding their rights and responsibilities. The policy applies to option…Continue Reading London Supplement Travel Insurance

Hat Covers

Dear London Participants, You are strongly encouraged to try on your Stetson and hat cover. It has come to my attention that Allen’s Boots ran out of the appropriate hat cover sizes and substituted the remaining ~ 90+ Stetsons with whatever they had in stock. I apologize on their behalf for the additional inconvenience, but…Continue Reading Hat Covers

London Group Airline Tickets

Dear London Participants, Please be so kind as to double check your most recently sent airline passenger name lists to ensure that all names are exactly correct as per passports. (The attachment is via email that I just sent.)   Once airline tickets have been issued, no changes are permitted. The deadline for any name…Continue Reading London Group Airline Tickets

November London Update

Final Payment: We apologize for the delay as the final invoice arrived late on Halloween. Your new payment deadline is Thursday, Nov. 6th at 11:59 CST. Below are the items in which you are paying for: New Land Total package price $3,092.83 Uniform and Administration Fees~ $143.74  Jr. Suite Upgrade $540 Single Room Supplement $80…Continue Reading November London Update