Honorary Members are those who have rendered service to LHB, LHAB, or Longhorn Pep Band, have been nominated by a voting member, approved by the Board of Directors, and are voted in by voting members.

The following are Honorary Members of LHAB.

Doris Beresford
Dick Blair
Mack Brown
General D. Harold Byrd, Sr.
Byron W. Cain, Jr.
Dr. Robert Carnochan
Bob Cole
Jody Conradt
Weldon Covington
Verna Covington
Dr. Paula Crider
Ronald Crutcher
Jane DiNino
Timothy Sloan-DiNino
Vincent R. DiNino
DeLoss Dodds
Lucy Dunagan
Larry Faulkner
Minnie Goldbeck Fincher
Dr. Robert Freeman
John Hammerlee
Dr. Scott Hanna
Joseph Jamail Jr. 
Lee Jamail
Eileen Johnson
Morris Johnson
Jack Keene
Dr. Thomas Lee
Bill Little
John Massey
Doug Messer
Lt. Cmdr. Anthony Mitchell 
Blanche Pearson
John Pearson
Wally Pryor
Jewel Popham Raschke
Tom Rhodes
Dr. Kevin Sedatole
Brien Smith
Louis Sudler
Billy Swor, Jr. 
Carolyn Williams