Open to all former members of the Longhorn Band – help us achieve our mission of supporting all things LHB.

Annual dues start at just $25. Dues are waived for those in their 1st year out of LHB and optional for those members ages 70 or better! We have just launched additional membership levels and recurring dues. Click here to learn more about these new options.

Membership includes:

What do Membership Dues cover?

Your membership dues cover many things, including administrative costs such as tax return preparation, costs associated with archives, web hosting, liability insurance, Longhorn Band functions, office supplies, officer meeting expenses, postage, storage rental, LHAB’s participation with the National Association of Alumni Bands, etc. These are the “costs of doing business” and are separate from Band Day expenses. The LHAB officers are very aware of spending and make every effort to watch every expense, incurring what is required and achieving our stated LHAB purposes.

Did you receive a scholarship from the LHAB? 

Though the fun of Band Day weekend is the event to look forward to each year, the primary purpose of the LHAB is to collect donations for the Longhorn Alumni Band Charitable Fund, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation that oversees the management of donations and the distribution of scholarships to deserving Longhorn Band members. Member gifts and donations for playing events contribute to this fund.

LHAB Membership Levels

You can choose at which Membership Level you would like to participate.  Below are the various Membership Levels and the benefits available for each level.

The Membership Level selected will be retained each year going forward.  You always have the option to change your level before the next year’s dues payment on July 1st. 

Join us throughout the year!

Area chapters of the Alumni Band are invited throughout the year to perform for various functions such as weddings, parties, parades, etc., in return for donations to the Scholarship Fund. These occasions provide additional opportunities for performing and socializing for the members who participate.