Recurring LHAB Membership

As announced in September 2021, LHAB is instituting recurring membership dues which will achieve a few things:

  • Better fund LHAB activities,
  • Align LHAB dues payments with the LHAB fiscal year, and
  • Provide additional member benefits to those who select them.

LHAB member dues cover things like:

  • Administrative costs, such as tax return preparation 
  • Costs associated with archives
  • Web hosting
  • Liability insurance
  • Longhorn Band functions
  • Office supplies
  • Officer meeting expenses
  • Postage
  • Storage unit rental 
  • LHAB’s membership in the National Association of Alumni Bands, etc

The Problem We’re Trying to Solve: Historically, LHAB has collected annual member dues while registering for Band Day. The problem is that typically only those who attend Band Day pay member dues for that year. Yet, regardless of when you last paid annual dues, we continue sending email Blasts and providing full access to our website, online directory, and music. In addition, membership dues do not cover any expenses related to Band Day. It’s time to separate member dues from Band Day fees.

How Will This Work: Starting in August 2022, you will have the ability to select a membership level and provide dues payment. Once submitted, you will have paid your 2022-2023 dues and will be automatically set up for recurring dues that will be charged annually on July 1st. You will also be eligible to register for Band Day once Band Day registration is available (usually about 4-6 weeks prior to Band Day). You can change your membership level or opt out of recurring dues for the next year at any time prior to July 1st. Annual dues payment is optional for Legacy Members (age 70 or older) and members who were in LHB last year (additional exceptions made for COVID years). LHAB uses AffiniPay to collect and process all member dues and Band Day fees. LHAB will never and has never saved your credit card information. We have been using this third-party service for many years.

When Will This Start (UPDATED):  Starting August 1st, you will have the opportunity to select your membership level and pay for your 2022-2023 dues which will automatically enroll you in recurring dues going forward. Selecting a membership level and paying 2022-2023 dues will be required to register for Band Day.

An automatic dues payment will be drafted yearly on July 1, beginning in 2023. Below you can review the various LHAB membership levels for you to choose from and details about the associated benefits and prices. 

LHAB Membership Levels

You now have the option to choose at which Membership Level you would like to participate.  Below are the various Membership Levels along with the benefits of available for each level.

The Membership Level selected will be retained each year going forward.  You always have the option to change your level prior to the next year dues payment on July 1st. 

Click here to Choose Membership Level and Pay Dues