The date is set for Alumni Band Day on 10/15/22 during the Texas vs. Iowa State Cyclones game!

The time has yet to be announced by UT Athletics.

Plans are in the works for an exciting LHAB and LHB joint half-time show performance where we will retire Big Bertha and introduce a new Bertha II.

Registration will open soon.


It’s time to renew your LHAB membership dues!

As mentioned in previous editions of The Blast, LHAB is launching recurring dues and new membership levels with additional benefits. Your dues help keep LHAB operating and are separate from the scholarship fund and costs associated with Band Day. Complete details on the new membership programs can be found on the LHAB web site

To renew your membership, use this link or the button below to log in, select your membership type, and pay your 2022-2023 membership dues. You will automatically be set up for recurring renewal starting in 2023.

This is not Band Day registration. Band Day registration will be separate and available in September. You must renew your membership dues in order to register for Band Day.

Thank you and Hook’em!


We are about 60 days away from Band Day 2022.

Band Day 2022 will be bigger and better than ever.  We will be able to march down to the stadium, perform a half-time show, and watch UT BTHOOIS.  With the return to a normal Band Day, we’ll need more volunteers than ever.  We’ll need the following assistance:

  • Vest Check-out,
  • Vest Check-in,
  • Vest Cleaning,
  • Section Leaders,
  • Band Day Set-up,
  • Band Day Tear Down,
  • Instrument Check-out,
  • Instrument Check-in,
  • Big Flag Check-out,
  • Big Flag Check-in,
  • Color Guard Flag Check-out,
  • Color Guard Flag Check-in,
  • You name it, we need it.

While making arrangements to come to Band Day 2022, please also consider volunteering to assist on Band Day. We’ll need everyone’s assistance to make Band Day 2022 the best ever.


We’ve had several more people step up to help research the ongoing book project, but we still need a few more people to help with online and in-person research.  You don’t have to be in Austin, or even Texas for that matter, to help out.

We need people with time to help collect photographs from archival sources such as the Cactus, the Daily Texan, the Briscoe archives, and several other sources. Some of this work can be done online from any place, but if you can help us research in person, that’s all the better, as some of the best sources are still only available in person.

This is a fun project, and the work itself is rewarding.  

If you’re able to help, please drop us an email at:


We know the date.  We’re celebrating Bertha.  And, we need to know our music for a normal Band Day.

Many of us have been a little sedentary during the past few years.  Many of us have not touched our musical instrument since Normandy in 2019, and perhaps further back than that.

During Band Day 2021, we had a playing rehearsal, and were reminded there is music more current LHB alumni have played which not all alumni have played.  Now is your chance to begin preparing for Band Day 2022, and get the music ready to play.  

First, we’ll address the traditional items used at performances throughout the year.  Before the next monthly Blast, please complete the following tasks.

1-Locate your instrument.

2-Prepare your instrument for use, oil, re-pad, clean, etc.

3-Download music from the LHAB website and play through.  Here is the link to LHAB music.  Login to the website, locate your instrument, and part, then download, and print.    We’re expecting to play traditional tunes for half time.

– The Eyes of Texas
– Texas Fight
– March of the Longhorns
– March Grandioso
– Wabash Cannonball


Not to name any names, but some folks may have become somewhat sedentary during the past few pandemic years.

Well, it’s time to get off the Laz-E-Boy and prepare for Band Day 2022.  We’ll be marching to the stadium. We’ll be performing a halftime show.  Last time I checked, you will need to return to the Band Hall and eventually your vehicle before you get to go home for the night.

That means a lot of walking, walking and talking, walking and playing, walking up ramps, walking down ramps, and trying not to pass out from the walking.

Please start a walking routine, if you have not already, to prepare your body for Band Day 2022.  Your goal by the end of August is to walk at least two (2) miles or more continuously without exhaustion.


Who doesn’t love a great tailgate party???  We do things right. Great food, top-quality adult beverages, and a great location right next to the Longhorn Band Hall where Texas Drums perform “Drums on the Green”. Proceeds of the tailgate are directed to the LHAB Charitable Fund for band scholarships.  We need volunteers because we’re just 5-6 weeks away from the first game!!!!  We’ll need to make a final decision by September 1st to proceed or not.

We need ten (10) people per tailgate beginning approximately four (4) hours prior to kick-off to help set up tables and tents and help the sponsors. Volunteer for one game or all 3 if you like.  The more the merrier!  Generally, things start shutting down around the time the Longhorn Band lines up to march into the stadium.  After everything is broken down, folks have plenty of time to head to the game.  Tailgaters can stick around and hang out if they don’t go to the game.

The current schedule of LHAB Tailgates is for the following games:
9/17/22 – UT San Antonio
10/1/22 – West Virginia
11/19/22 – Kansas

Sponsors are Banner Distilling, Live Oak Brewing, Kendall-Jackson, and food will be provided by Blacks BBQ for a per plate fee.

If you would like to be a Tailgate Volunteer, please contact us as soon as possible:

Scott Hendrix: