• President’s Letter: Bylaw Changes
    A Statement on the Content of the Proposed Bylaws Changes and Why We Need Your Support and Positive Vote  Please find a copy of the proposed Bylaws Changes here. — LHAB Family –  Any bylaw revision work is driven by the need to react to a changed environment, like the evolution of technology, and the need to improve function and efficiency so that an organization can continuously improve while staying true to its core principles and purpose. With this in mind, the LHAB Bylaws Revision Committee has proposed several key changes that I’d like to explain as we approach the…Continue Reading President’s Letter: Bylaw Changes
  • LHAB Archives – The Sudler Trophy
    When I took over the office of Archives for the LHAB, part of the position was to decorate the display windows in the hallway of the Music Building. When I unloaded the windows the first time, there was a massive, heavy trophy that I really could not move. While getting help to move it, I read the front of this large piece which noted The Sudler Trophy 1986. Not really ever having seen this, I thought: “Wow, so this is the Sudler Trophy”. I had known that the Longhorn Band had received this award but did not fully understand the…Continue Reading LHAB Archives – The Sudler Trophy
  • LHAB Archives – Traditions of the Longhorn Band – The President’s Ring
    As Longhorn Band and Alumni Band members, we hold many traditions near and dear to our hearts. Here is another of the traditions that bind us together as a Longhorn Band family. The “Passing of the President’s Ring” has been a tradition since the end of WWII when the UT class ring of former Longhorn Band Member Irwin Curtis Popham was presented to the Longhorn Band by his family. Since that time, it has been tradition for each outgoing LHB President to present the ring to the incoming LHB President at the end of each year, symbolizing the passing of…Continue Reading LHAB Archives – Traditions of the Longhorn Band – The President’s Ring
  • LHAB Archives – What Is A Texas Star?
    Last month I was speaking to a member of the LHAB who has been involved in the organization as an officer for several years. We were talking about the LHB uniforms and I mentioned that I had just received the donation of the Texas Star uniform of Emma Lea King Mayton, Texas Star 1966-1967, to add to our collection. He paused a second and said, “That’s great but what is a Texas Star?” This made me stop and think of the value of sharing the many stories of the LHB and LHAB, so here goes the history of the Texas Stars and…Continue Reading LHAB Archives – What Is A Texas Star?
  • LHAB Archives – Vest In Space
    The recent landing of a spacecraft on Mars brings our attention again to the exploration of space. The famous, or in some circles infamous, polyester vest of the LHAB can claim a link to space exploration. First how did this little vest become a part of the LHAB uniform anyway? In the first years of the LHAB in the 60’s, the uniform was a white shirt, black (not gray but black) pants, black shoes and socks and an orange neckerchief. Just for clarification, a neckerchief is more like the neckwear worn by the United States Navy, not like the larger,…Continue Reading LHAB Archives – Vest In Space
  • LHAB Archives – Texas Taps
    Texas Fight is the iconic fight song of the University of Texas at Austin. Most sources note that it was written by Walter Hunnicutt, but that is not the full story of this special piece of UT and Longhorn Band history. In the fall of 1923, Walter “Red” Hunnicutt wrote the first version of Texas Taps. Red was one of the member-elected student directors of the Longhorn Band while Burnett “Blondie” Pharr was Director of the Longhorn Band. Blondie thought the song was a good addition to the LHB repertoire and began working with Red to finalize the piece for the…Continue Reading LHAB Archives – Texas Taps
  • Help Needed: LHB Book Project
    After years of talking and planning on and off, we’re proud to announce a major project to produce a high-quality coffee table book that will present a mostly-visual history of the Showband of the Southwest. The plan includes a dynamic digital component, including special digital access for LHAB members. While we have a really impressive team of alumni and other friends of the LHB working on this project, putting this together requires everyone’s help. So, here’s what we need from all our members: VOLUNTEERS: Although we have many people working on this already, if you want to be part of…Continue Reading Help Needed: LHB Book Project
  • Watch Band Day 2020
    Did you miss our annual meeting, or would you like to re-watch the experience? Find a highlight re-play of our ‘Around the Ladder’ member meeting below! Come for the march down introduction and stay for all of the information shared about scholarships and other activity of LHAB. Hook ’em!…Continue Reading Watch Band Day 2020
  • LHAB Archives – The Drum Minor
    View a PDF version of this story here. Anyone participating in a marching band is familiar with the role of the Drum Major but have you heard of the “Drum Minor”??  If not then look to the history of the University of Texas Longhorn Band to understand this concept. Burnett (Blondie) Pharr was the director of the Longhorn Band from 1921 to 1936.  He was a tireless promoter of the band during his tenure as director.  The band performed all over often in conjunction with the Varsity Entertainers.  As part of this cycle of promotion, Blondie had his daughter Gladys…Continue Reading LHAB Archives – The Drum Minor
  • A special message from Paula Crider
    A message from Paula Crider – click image below to play video….Continue Reading A special message from Paula Crider