Band Day 2022 –
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We want everyone to know that Bertha is leaving the field for the final time on October 15, 2022.

This will be the most exciting and entertaining Band Day ever. Please make sure your friends hear this news and start preparing for Band Day 2022.

LHAB Nominations 2022


Each year we elect individuals who love Longhorn Alumni Band (LHAB) to serve LHAB as Officers, Board of Directors (BOD), Board of Trustees (BOT) and Nominating Committee Members. We made a change to our Bylaws last year that enables LHAB members to elect an individual for each leadership position, rather than approving a slate of candidates that was identified by the Nominating Committee.  

So, we need Applicants… and that means You!      Uncle Sam Wants You Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

If you are interested in serving, please fill out the brief 2022 LHAB Leadership Application before the end of July. Consider it a nomination form, either for yourself or someone else. 

  • Don’t live in Austin? No problem! We hold meetings via Zoom. 
  • Review Descriptions of all LHAB Leadership Positions in the LHAB Handbook. Current leaders often don’t step away until someone takes their reins, so why not nominate yourself and lend a hand? Contact anyone on the Current Leadership Team for more info. 
  • We need a variety of skills so you’re bound to have at least one we need! We’d really like to add Assistant Communications Officers to help improve our communications and social media presence! We also need a new Assistant Registrar who is primarily responsible for making sure we provide additional benefits to those LHAB members who opt into our higher membership levels. And we need a new Secretary.
  • Don’t have a lot of time but still have passion for LHAB’s future? We need two new people to serve on our Board of Directors. And we need one or two new people to serve on the Nominating Committee. We’re most interested in 20- and 30-somethings for these positions! 
  • Do you care about our money? The LHAB Charitable Fund needs you! Our Board of Trustees is very interested in getting new/additional members on the BOT to help plan the many fundraising activities and events they lead. The BOT also desires to engage some younger LHAB members so they are equipped to lead the BOT in the future. Contact Kent Kostka at if you have questions about the BOT. He would love to get you involved in whatever capacity suits your availability and interest!
  • Watch the Calendar! Applications will be accepted until July 30 at 5:00 pm CDT. The Nominating Committee is tasked with identifying qualified candidates in August to fill any positions where there is no applicant. We will host the election electronically in September. Since Band Day is on October 15, the new term begins October 17, 2022.

Thank you for considering serving in LHAB Leadership. If you have any questions or issues submitting the form, please contact Jeanne Yturri, Nominating Committee Chair, at

‘til Gabriel blows his horn,  

LHAB Nominating Committee

(Jerry Biershenk, Delia Tovar-Botbol, Kathy Crain, Kathy Rider, Jeanne Yturri)

Help Virtual LHAB reach full Wall-to-Wall Band

Sign up for AmazonSmile!

Our goal is for 1,000 members to sign up with AmazonSmile by Band Day. We are currently on the 15 yard line with 150 members signed up. We will track our progress as the Band moves 10 yards for every 100 people that sign up.  

At no cost to you, Amazon will contribute 0.5% of your Amazon purchases to scholarships for LHB students. Signing up is free and only takes 30 seconds. Follow the instructions below to help LHAB take advantage of Amazon’s charitable contributions.

On your browser/website:

1.  Go to and sign into your Amazon account.

2.  If this is your first visit to, follow prompts to choose a charity. Start typing
“Longhorn Alumni Band Charitable Fund” and then click SELECT.

3.  If you have a different charity already selected, click on “Supporting:” in the upper left menu and then click on the “Change Charity” button. Start typing “Longhorn Alumni Band Charitable Fund” and then click SELECT.

4.  VERY IMPORTANT:  Every time you shop on Amazon, start at LHB will only receive contributions if you use at so bookmark the URL.  It looks the same as and contains the same shopping cart. If you forget to sign in to AmazonSmile and add to your cart while at, you can switch to to check-out and your cart will be the same. AmazonSmile will track all purchases and send a check to the Longhorn Alumni Band Charitable Fund each quarter.

On your Amazon Smile App:

  1. Go to “Settings” and tap on “Amazon Smile”
  2. Follow prompts to choose a charity. Start typing “Longhorn Alumni Band Charitable Fund” and then click SELECT.
  3. Shop on the Amazon Shopping app as you normally do. Twice a year it will prompt you to re-select “Longhorn Alumni Band Charitable Fund” as your charity.

If you have any questions, email

Thank you and Hook ‘em!

Cathy Sorsby and the fabulous AmazonSmile Committee

LHAB Tailgating Is Back!

You knew we had to do it. It’s just too much fun to get together with old and new friends and watch LHB march down to the stadium. And only LHAB can put together a tailgate party for friends of LHB that all Longhorn fans can appreciate.   

If you remember our tailgating from a few years ago, you know we do things right. Great food, top-quality refreshments, a great space to visit friends and soak up the gameday atmosphere, music from the best band in the country, and all of this in the familiar surroundings of LHB’s home at the school of music. We’ll have all of that, and more.

But before we can show the Longhorn Nation the proper way to tailgate, we need volunteers.  We have a few volunteers from the May Blast but need more to ensure a good time was had by all. We need ten (10) people per tailgate beginning approximately four (4) hours prior to kick-off, through an hour after UT wins.

We now have a Tailgate Committee Chair, Scott Hendrix, and we have reduced the number of LHAB tailgates in 2022 to only these games:

9/17/22 – UT San Antonio

10/1/22 – West Virginia

11/19/22 – Kansas

If you would like to volunteer at a tailgate, please contact Scott at  

LHAB Membership Renewal Update

If you have been following updates in our recent issues of The Blast, you know we are launching our new membership program for 2022-2023 and planned to send out emails with additional instructions by the end of June.

You have not missed the renewal email. We ran into a few issues testing the new program and are making adjustments which has caused a delay in sending those emails. We are very close to launching the new system and emails should go out soon. Keep checking your inbox and don’t worry, nothing will be charged until you have had a chance to review and confirm your membership level!

Once ready, the LHAB web site will walk you through each step of the process and recurring dues renewals will start from that point forward.