Congratulations To Recent Graduates

For 2022 graduates, please invite your graduate friends to register with Longhorn Alumni Band. Your first year of membership in LHAB is free.

Hope to see you and your friends at Band Day on 10/15/22.

If you have not already joined the Longhorn Alumni Band, please do so here.

Band Day 2022 – Get A Room

If you have not already reserved a room for Band Day 2022, it’s time. Austin City Limits is the same day as Band Day, along with all the northerners coming to watch Iowa State lose. Please do not get left out in the cold, or perhaps the warmth of Austin.

Make your room reservations now for October 15, 2022.

LHAB Instrument Fire Sale

The LHAB Instrument Sale has been a huge success!  In less than one week, we sold 70 instruments (Sousaphones and a variety of Mellos).

This sale generated over $9000 to augment the LHAB operating funds, which have been under stress due to
COVID-related impacts.

It’s now time to collect the instruments. If you purchased an instrument, you selected a pickup date.  It’s really important for you to come at this time, as we will have horns out and waiting for you!  If you absolutely cannot make your selected day, please let us know asap (

10am to 2pm on your selected pickup day.
LHAB Storage Facility – UHaul Storage on IH-35 & Rundberg Lane.
10125 N Interstate Hwy 35, Austin, TX 78753

We’ll have more instruments in the future as LHB receives their new instruments.  Look for updates as additional instruments come available.

Summer Band 2022

Longhorn Band is resuming the practice of providing a summer band concert.  Anyone interested may participate.  

We would love for you to join us for the 2022 Longhorn Summer Band Concert! 

All high school and collegiate musicians welcome as well as UT alumni and adult community musicians. We will perform standard band repertoire and LHB traditionals, led by Dr. Croomes, Dr. Kelly, Dr. Webb, and Drum Major Paula Boothman.

Concert Attire: White collared shirt and black pants (sounds kinda like an alumni band we know)

Please share with your friends and family. We are hoping for a huge turnout! 

For those unable to perform with the summer band, we look forward to seeing you in the audience on Wednesday, 6/29/22.

LHB Book Project Update

We’re stuck, and we need your help!

You may be unaware, but LHAB is working on a book about LHB through pictures.

Thank you to everyone who stepped up to contribute to the ongoing LHB book project!  Many LHAB members and friends of LHB stepped up to send us priceless, original photographs, stories and other documents highlighting the rich history of the Showband of the Southwest.   We learned things about LHB we never knew, and we have collected an impressive array of documents to help tell the story of LHB through photographs.  

We’ve completed the first phase of the project, and while we are way behind schedule, the progress we’ve made is exciting and gives us great hope for what’s ahead.

We have the narrative and story of LHB well-covered (although we welcome new stories, photographs, documents, and such), and we’ve got a plan to fund the project and hopefully create scholarship funds from sales of the book.  Overall, we’re in terrific shape and looking forward with optimism.

So, while some aspects of the project have moved forward as planned, other parts have not, and we’re in need of a serious boost in several areas, including online and in-person research to collect photographs from archival sources such as the Cactus, the Daily Texan, and several other places.  What we have an abundance of in stories and history, we lack in manpower and volunteers.  

We need several volunteers willing to put in the time to:

* Access archival materials, mostly online, searching for, documenting, and obtaining copies of historical photographs

* Visit in-person archival sources and search for, document and get copies of historical photographs

* Help catalog and photograph existing physical artifacts for inclusion in the book

There’s more we need, but more than anything else, we need people who are able to put in the time to help the research get done well.  If you have expertise in researching and archiving, and could help guide other volunteers, that would be incredibly valuable as well.   

This is a fun project, and the work itself is rewarding.  However, if we cannot find enough volunteers to do the research, we won’t have enough visual material to complete the book, and that would be a terrible shame.

If you’re able to help, please drop us an email at:

Recurring Membership Starts July 1

This is just a reminder.  If you were an active member in 2021-2022, your credit card will be automatically charged your LHAB dues for our next fiscal year on or shortly after July 1st.  Remember, this is NOT Band Day registration.  This is LHAB membership dues.  

We indicate below that emails will be sent to members of LHAB.  There is one slight issue, however.  The information within the LHAB database does not always reflect your latest contact info.  While you are selecting your desired level of membership, please be sure to confirm/update your contact information.  This is how LHAB communicates with its membership.  We want to ensure everyone is informed.

Please check your information now.  You can log in and confirm your information here.

Back to the recurring dues information.

If you registered for Band Day 2021 or just paid membership dues for 2021-2022, you paid $25.00.  Later in June, you will be receiving an email instructing you on how to retain or update your membership level and annual dues amount.  In order to renew you at the correct amount, you will need to select your desired membership level and corresponding dues amount by June 30, 2022.  After the auto-renewal processes, you will receive an email receipt for the transaction.

If you did not register for Band Day 2021 or pay dues for 2021-2022, you will receive an email later in June instructing you on how to select your 2022-2023 membership level and dues amount.  

If you have not received the email with instructions for selecting your membership level by June 29, 2022, please contact us here.

Please review the separate article within this Blast regarding the various LHAB membership levels. 

Below is information presented in previous Blasts concerning recurring dues.

LHAB has instituted recurring membership dues which will achieve a few things:

  • Better fund LHAB activities,
  • Align LHAB dues payments with the LHAB fiscal year, and
  • Provide additional member benefits to those who select them.

LHAB member dues cover things like:

  • Administrative costs, such as tax return preparation 
  • Costs associated with archives
  • Web hosting
  • Liability insurance
  • Longhorn Band functions
  • Office supplies
  • Officer meeting expenses
  • Postage
  • Storage unit rental 
  • LHAB’s membership in the National Association of Alumni Bands, etc.

The Problem We’re Trying to Solve: Historically, LHAB has collected annual member dues while registering for Band Day. The problem is that typically only those who attend Band Day pay member dues for that year. Yet, regardless of when you last paid annual dues, we continue sending email Blasts and providing full access to our website, online directory, and music. In addition, membership dues do not cover any expenses related to Band Day. It’s time to separate member dues from Band Day fees.

How Will This Work: When registering for Band Day 2021, you paid your $25 annual membership dues and were automatically enrolled in the recurring membership program. Members in their first or second year out of LHB were not charged for Band Day 2021. Annual dues payment is optional for Legacy Members (age 70 or older). LHAB uses AffiniPay to collect all member dues and Band Day fees. LHAB will never and has never saved your credit card information. We have been using this third-party service for many years. Members will be given the option to opt-out of an automatic dues payment.

LHAB Membership Levels

Below are the LHAB Membership levels from which you may select by June 30, 2022, so you  are charged the correct dues amount on July 1, 2022.