Band Day is coming, and we’ll take the field once again to relive some of the best times of our lives.  We’ll see old friends, play the old songs, and perform at half time, watching ourselves on the ‘Tron while thinking, “Damn, we are still pretty good at this!”
Well, a lot of that credit will go to your skills, of course, but producing the show from scratch to finished product requires some hard work by some dedicated Alumni… our section leader volunteers. Just like in the LHB, we depend on them for on the field leadership that allows us to put a show together, ready to perform, in two hours.  We never know exactly how many Alumni will show up on Saturday, and the massed band drill is only a rough sketched, but we have to fill in the details on the field.  Without the experienced section leader corps to help teach the show, we’d never get it done.
For those regular volunteers, thank you for serving again. If you haven’t stepped up before, now is the time to do your turn.  Don’t worry if you haven’t been a LHAB section leader before, you’ll be doing just what you’ve done before.  I want to especially encourage our younger members to volunteer.  First, it is a great way to meet people, a great way to get involved in LHAB, and we’ll need help learning the newer LHB styles of marching!
If you are interested in volunteering as a Section Leader during Band Day, you can email me directly at or sign-up as a Section Leader on the Registration form. Thanks to each of you for volunteering again, and we’ll see you at Band Day!
Hook ‘em!
Scott Harmon
Drum Major/Piccolo/Flute, ’68-‘76