We’ve received quite a bit of feedback regarding the need for childcare so that some of you and/or your spouses can march on Band Day. We explored the possibility of childcare and, as you can imagine, there are not many opportunities on Band Day for childcare for such a long day. 
While we cannot provide childcare on Saturday, should you need to stay home with your kids, we are going to continue something we started two years ago. If you note “No Saturday Rehearsal” on your registration but still want to participate, you may still march down with us on Saturday and sit in the stands to play, and even participate in Halftime! We will have a designated spot for you on the sideline where you will be able to stand and play the show. Though marching won’t be possible, you’ll still be on the field enjoying the fun. We will brief you on the details prior to the halftime. (Note: Registration will still be the same price.)
And, of course, if you choose not to participate in the halftime portion, you’re certainly welcome to stay in the stands…But the bottom line is…Join us!!