Whether you plan on attending Band Day and want to make sure your pals are coming or just want to reconnect with old friends, the LHAB site has several features to help you out. We recently added a section in the Member area named “Band mates” that displays a list of other LHAB members that overlapped your time in LHB. The page first shows members that were likely in your section followed by a complete list of everyone that overlapped your time. This is a great way to find old friends and even recruit them to join you at Band Day
Speaking of Band Day, you can see who is planning on attending as they register on-line by using the “Roster” link in the Member area. If you want to check for one of your friends, you can search by name, year, and section to see if they have registered yet. If they haven’t, search for them in the “Directory” or the “Band mates” page and invite them! If you don’t see them at all but you know how to find them, email one of the LHAB Officers (under “About” and “Leadership”) so we can make sure they are getting all the latest LHAB updates. 
Finally, make sure you check us out on Facebook (https://lhab.org/facebook) and Twitter (https://lhab.org/twitter) where you will also get the latest updates and links to cool stuff! 
Hook ‘em!
Ben Lee Schneider
LHAB Vice President, Technology
Saxophone, ‘96-‘00