Greetings LHAB:

I am tremendously excited to learn that the Longhorn Alumni Band
will take its’ inimitable spirit abroad for the first time next
December, and I shall be proud to serve as a UT faculty
liaison for the trip. I have enjoyed adjudicating the London
New Year’s Day Parade for a number of years,
and can think of no better way to visit one of the world’s
great cities than with the LHAB. It is truly a wonderful
trip, with many opportunities to enjoy other European cities
after the parade. (Paris is a quick Eurostar trip away!)

I can already imagine the excitement generated as the
sounds of LHAB bounce off the Houses of Parliament,
and draw huge crowds in Trafalgar Square.

I encourage all who are able to sign up for what could
well be the trip of a lifetime. Nefertiti Williams has already
thrown down the gauntlet: 400 marchers will exceed the
size of any band to have marched in the LNYDP!

Cheers & Hook Em!
Paula A. Crider, Professor Emerita, The University of Texas
Director Emerita, The University of Texas Longhorn Bands