Dear London Participants,

Thank you for signing up to march in our first international parade! We are excited about this new venture and look forward to working with all of you. Lots of valuable information is included in this email. I suggest that you save it and read it thoroughly.

We are doing our best to keep you informed, but the exact itinerary will not be set until after the site visit in the summer.  What I can provide you is a sample itinerary from London’s New Year’s Day Parade (LNYDP) and a LNYDP 2013 itinerary book that I received. Happy reading!

After reviewing the updated London contract, the package price has increased by $45. The “offer document” price was correct at the time we signed it, but subsequent to that (indeed in the last two weeks) airlines have imposed two additional fuel surcharges since the offer was made to LHAB. One fee of $25 which was imposed in November 2013 and a further surcharge of $20 which was imposed in mid-February. This additional amount will be included with your final payment.