Howdy LHAB Friends and Fellows!

It has been a quick two months since we met here in Austin for our 2015 Alumni Band Day weekend.  Your officers have been enthusiastically working on ideas and improvements for 2016, while continuing to support local activities and fostering an even greater connection with the current student members of LHB.  Dr. Hanna has reached out to us and is demonstrating his desire to help us become more personally connected to the current students in LHB.  

Your officers are looking forward to a complete re-vamp of our website that will include new enhancements.  In addition, we have heard your requests for new t-shirts and other items, and are taking steps now to have some new merchandise ready before next Band Day.  We are interested in ideas for new shirts, caps, or other merchandise, so feel free to contact me with your suggestions or desires.  

The Longhorn Band continues to perform creative and exciting halftime shows and represents the University with nothing but class.  

Most exciting is the news that the Longhorn Band Legacy Fund (LHBLF) is now launched. You will be receiving more detailed information about the LHBLF in the near future.  I ask you to think about supporting this fund at whatever level you are able.  You will be helping the LHB to continue to be the BEST college band that it has always been and to provide future students with the same awesome experiences that we all enjoyed in our years as students in the LHB.

Your officers are very interested in your ideas.  Please contact us with any thoughts that may positively affect our already great organization.

I wish each of you a Blessed & Happy Thanksgiving,
A Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year 2016!

Cheers and Hook ‘Em!
Jo Lyn Peters
LHAB President