Band Day Guest and Children Policy

In compliance with UT Athletics and Facilities, it is of extreme importance that all Band Day participants adhere to the following Guest Policies:
  • All non-LHAB family members must have a ticket in order to attend the game.  (Children under the age of 2 are exempt)
  • Non-LHAB guest/family members will NOT be able to march into the stadium with the band.  They must enter through the ticket gate with a valid ticket.
  • LHAB will NOT be responsible for escorting any guests/children into the stadium during the march down.
  • All children of LHAB members must be accompanied by a non-marching adult/guardian while in the stadium and during the indoor practices at The Bubble.
  • At the Indoor Practice Facility (The Bubble) it’s imperative that we respect UT Athletics facility and their equipment. While we welcome the vibrant energy and enthusiasm of children, they are to be closely monitored by an adult not participating in rehearsal. Please find a friend or babysitter for this task. We appreciate your help with this matter as guests of the Athletic Department.
  • Lastly, for the safety of your child and others, children and non-LHAB members are NOT allowed to march in the ranks during practices OR halftime performance. We will have a LHAB officer and other adults assigned to walk this group of kids on the sidewalks near the band. Each child must have their ticket in hand as they will use a different entrance from LHAB. Your children will be escorted to our section of the stadium.
  • UT Athletics requests that we monitor guests in order to ensure that equipment and facilities are maintained.

LHAB Bylaws and Policies Updates

The Board of Directors, in response to comments from members since last year’s adoption of the new bylaws, made some minor changes and updates to the Bylaws and the Policies document.  The changes will be up for a vote at the annual business meeting on November 10, 2017.

New changes are highlighted in the documents you will find on the website:

Please review these and be ready to cast your vote of approval at the meeting.

    Alumni Band Day Uniform

    • White collared shirt (long or short sleeved)
    • Solid black pants
    • Solid black socks & black shoes 
    • Orange vest (provided at uniform checkout and must
      be returned, or a charge may be assessed to you for not
      returning the vest)
    • Please come in the proper uniform. 

      LHB has uniform standards, so does LHAB.

              Image result for longhorn alumni band

    Thank you for your compliance and Hook ’em!