If you are a legacy member of the Longhorn Band, (i.e. your spouse, parent(s) and/or sibling(s) were also in LHB we want to know!

Who are the legacy LHAB members? Inquiring minds wanna know. Did your parent, grandparent, child or grandchildren (great grandchildren?) march in LHB? Do you have a current family member playing? Let us know – names, dates in LHB, and instrument?

Here’s a great example from the Dove Family:

Kerry Dove
Trumpet, 1986-1988
Sister: Keely Lewis-Dove
Piccolo, 1989-1993
Brother: Kevin Dove
Drumline; 1996-2000
Mother: Betty Dove
Clarinet, 1957-1961
*Co-Founder of LHAB
Father: Richard Dove
Trumpet, 1957-1961
*Co-Founder of LHAB
Uncle: Robert Burnett

Baritone, 1958-1962

What to do?

Please fill out this Google Form or email Mary McKenna with the family names, relationship, sections, and years in LHB.