Save the Date for Alumni Band Day

Longhorn Alumni Band Day 2019 will be on October 19th at the Texas vs. Kansas game.  Mark your calendars!

Orange-White Spring Game

Join us for the 2019 Spring Football Game on Saturday, April 13th at 6:30 p.m. at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium!  All LHAB members are invited to join LHB in the stands.

Bring your instrument and play along, or just come and enjoy an evening with your favorite college band!  We will rehearse in the Band Hall and then head to the stadium together for the kickoff.  Please print copies of our Traditional Music ahead of time, which can be downloaded after logging into the Members section of the LHAB website.  This event will be lots of fun– we hope you can make it!  Details on the days schedule to be announced soon from LHB.

DeLoss Dodds Way and Trinity Street will be closed that day, so plan to park in either the San Jacinto Garage (enter from the San Jacinto side) or in the LBJ lot along Red River Street.  Discounted parking will not be available.


Normandy Rehearsal Dates

We are 2 months away from our travel date to Normandy!  There are 536 confirmed travelers on this incredible adventure.  Rehearsal dates are scheduled for April 13th from 2:00-3:30 p.m. and May 4th from 1:00-3:00 p.m. in the Band Hall. We highly encourage all Normandy trip participants to attend.

For more updates on the Normandy trip and for audio files and sheet music, please visit the Normandy section of the LHAB Website.  Please print your own music prior to the rehearsals.  

We need every Normandy traveler to complete the TRAVEL INFORMATION QUESTIONNAIRE and the Medical Release Form as soon as possible, if you haven’t done so already. Thanks!

Nominating Committee Invites New Officers

If you are interested in serving as an Officer of the Longhorn Alumni Band, please let us know.  We have opportunities to serve as both an officer or on one of our committees.  If you have questions about job function, time commitment, or just want to chat about the various ways you can get involved, please contact Sara Purdy by email.

Sara Purdy –

Membership Recruitment and Renewals Committee

LHAB is forming a new committee to assist with membership recruitment and renewals. The committee will work together to sustain and increase the number of dues-paying members by improving the benefits offered and assessing the value of membership.  Every year our operating expenses are increasing.  We would like to raise more money for these expenses without increasing yearly dues.

As it stands, most (if not all) of our membership dues are collected in conjunction with Band Day every year.  This means that anyone who doesn’t come to Band Day in any given year is not paying their yearly membership dues.  We would like to brainstorm ideas on how to encourage all of our members to pay their dues each year regardless of their Band Day attendance.  This would greatly increase our ability to provide more resources to both LHAB and LHB. Please email if you have any suggestions to help in this endeavor.


Instrument/Equipment Storage Space Needed

LHAB is in need of a new storage unit for our inventory of instruments and other equipment, including notable items such as four previous drumheads for Big Bertha. We have a looming deadline to find new storage, as the storage unit that we are currently using is no longer available.  If you have extra open storage space in the Austin area that you would be willing to donate or to allow LHAB to rent at a discounted rate for next year (or longer), please email  The unit would not need to be climate controlled, and your generosity would be greatly appreciated!

For over 3 decades, Moton Crockett has allowed LHAB to use his personal storage space, but as Austin continues to grow, this space has become required for business purposes.  We are so very grateful to Moton and his donation of space and time for us over these many years.  THANK YOU MOTON!!!

LHAB Leadership Records Update

Have you served as a leader of LHAB in the past?   We are attempting to compile a master list of the past leadership for LHAB and create a better digital record of this list.  If you served as President, BOD Chairperson, BOT Chairperson, BOD Member or BOT Member, please let us know below in this survey.  It should only take 2-4 minutes.  LHAB Past Leadership

Geof Sloan, LHAB President

2019 Alumni Band Symposium

LHAB will have two officers attending this year’s National Association of Alumni Band (NAoAB) alumni band symposium in Seattle on May 29-31 hosted by The University of Washington Husky Marching Band.  This conference will be held in conjunction with the College Band Directors National Association (CBDNA) spring meeting.  As a charter member of NAoAB, we hope to learn more from other alumni bands and will be sharing ideas and lessons learned from LHAB.

Hook ’em,