I Want You to Renew Your LHAB Membership!

Virtual Band Day 2020

The Blast
Vol. 56 Issue 1

November 20th & 21st, 2020
(Time: TBA)

Band Day is FREE this year! YES FREE! But you must join or renew your membership by November 18 to be eligible to vote for your favorite halftime show and our new logo! More info coming next week!

Renew Your Membership!

Take pride in knowing that you are part of an organization dedicated to making the Longhorn Band and the Longhorn Alumni Band continue to thrive.

So what’s happening at Band Day?

  • Trivia Contest
  • Fun Business Meeting with a popular halftime show from each decade (vote for your favorite)
  • Reveal of NEW LHAB logo
  • Section Happy Hours via Zoom
  • Area Hangouts via Zoom
  • Member Q&A
  • And more!

What comes with my membership?

  • Voting rights at Annual Meeting (EXTREMELY important this year!)
  • Active members can attend LHAB events, including Band Day!
  • Operating expenses for LHAB
  • Support LHB

The first 100 members to renew their membership by Oct. 31st, will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win gift cards to: Amazon, Bath & Body Works, Starbucks, Target and UberEats*
*LHAB Officers, Board of Directors and Board of Trustees are not eligible for this promotion

Items are still needed! Please contact lhbauction@gmail.com for more information.