After years of talking and planning on and off, we’re proud to announce a major project to produce a high-quality coffee table book that will present a mostly-visual history of the Showband of the Southwest. The plan includes a dynamic digital component, including special digital access for LHAB members.

While we have a really impressive team of alumni and other friends of the LHB working on this project, putting this together requires everyone’s help.

So, here’s what we need from all our members:

VOLUNTEERS: Although we have many people working on this already, if you want to be part of this project, e-mail us (, and tell us what you’d like to do.

WE WANT YOUR PHOTOS (and stories)!
Two other key goals of this project are to help create a comprehensive digital archive for LHAB with as many photos, stories, and documents as we can, and to build the foundation for a second, much more comprehensive and in-depth book about the history of the Longhorn Band.

Things We Want Photos of:

  • Rehearsals
  • Texas Football
  • Life in the band hall
  • Uniforms over time
  • Pep Rallies
  • LHB social events and parties
  • Directors
  • Unique Events
  • Pranks
  • Hell Week and the Freshman Experience
  • First Women
  • Travel Photos
  • Big Bertha
  • First students of Color
  • Guest Performers
  • History of Big Flags and Silks (Color Guard)
  • Special Shows or Formations
  • Unique “Stolen” Items (shhhh)

** If you have LARGE or high-quality photos, we really want them.

We want any and all photos and stories that will help the editorial team tell OUR story even if you think we may already have what you have. If you want to submit something anonymously, we promise to keep your secret.

Tell us as much as you can, with details and personal thoughts. These stories help us put together a book that not only shows what the LHB looked like, but has details about what it was like for LHB members. If a significant event occurred, tell us your story. What was it like to be in the LHB during a certain time? What was it like to be in LHB during the most significant Texas sports events ever? What did you see or experience that can be shared? Tell us a funny story about your time in LHB.

Even if you don’t have a photo, tell us stories about significant events, good and bad. What was your experience at the 1969 Arkansas game, or when LHB was scheduled to play for the President on November 22, 1963? What was it like to march in LHB’s first Rose Bowl Parade, or what did you feel like when Vince Young went in with 19 seconds to go in 2006? Not only do we want your stories about LHB events and life in LHB, but we also want to link the experiences of our members to other significant events of the times. The Civil Rights struggles, the Vietnam War, inaugural parades, the Whitman tragedy, September 11 — these were all things that shaped the world and the experiences of the band. Tell us about those event from the view of an LHB person at the time.

Submitting Photos and Documents

The best way to submit your materials is to use the Google Form linked here.

If you’re unable to send a photo through the link above, you may send us an e-mail.

Every photo should include a description telling us:

  • Who is in the Photo (Names)
  • When it was taken (date)
  • Who took the picture
  • What’s going on in the picture
  • Where was it taken (event, venue, etc.) If possible, a story to go with it.
  • Your name and contact information

We know not everyone can do a hi-res scan, and the quality of the photographs will sometimes determine what we can include. If you have large photos or don’t have a scanner, we have the equipment to take hi-res scans.

If you need us to scan and/or want to send us something through regular mail, please send us an e-mail and we’ll send you our mailing address.

Please know we will handle it carefully, scan it, and return it to you safely unless you want to donate it to the LHAB archives.

This legacy project will be something about which every one of us can be proud, and which will leave a permanent history of the LHB for generations to come. More details will be coming soon.

Hook ‘em!
– The LHAB Charitable Fund Board of Trustees