My name is Molly Mathis, and I am the current LHBSA president. I am sending this message on behalf of LHBSA, KKY and TBS.

This spring, our organizations are once again participating in UT’s 40 for Forty fundraiser. This fundraiser provides a platform for groups on campus to raise money and win additional funds through challenges and fund matches. In the fall, we raised over $4500 from this fundraiser, and we are asking for your support so we can raise even more this semester! These funds support our various activities throughout the year, such as recognizing students’ commitment with annual lettering awards and increasing TBS’s annual donation to the Make-a-Wish foundation.

40 for Forty will run from 6am CST on Wednesday, April 12th through 10pm CST on Thursday, April 13th. You can use the link I have provided below to donate at any point during this period. Additionally, all 40 for Forty donations are tax-deductible. Upon submitting your gift, you will receive a tax receipt via email within 7-10 business days.

Starting this semester we are also reaching out to various businesses to ask for donations. If you own a business, or know of one that may be willing to support Longhorn Band students, we would love to hear from you! Please email the name of the business (and contact info if you have it handy) to our fundraising chair, Rocky Hopkins, at lhbsafundraising@gmail.com. From there, we will follow up accordingly. 

Link to our donation page: https://40for40.utexas.edu/amb/lhbsa_sp23

****Please note that both Longhorn Band and Longhorn Band Student Association are listed as organizations you can donate to- we are asking that you specifically donate through this LHBSA page, because we only receive these funds.

As always, we are extremely grateful for all that our alumni do to support us as students in the Longhorn Band. Any donation helps us reach our goals, no matter how big or small. If you cannot donate, sharing the link to our page is another way you can make an impact. Thank you again for your time and consideration!

Hook ’em,

Molly Mathis