Step Off and Step Up!
This is a good time to be planning your 2012 tax-deductible donation amount to the LHAB Charitable Fund.  The LHAB’s annual scholarship awards to deserving current LHB students has grown to over $40,000 per year – – an amount that has a huge impact on the overall financial aid picture for LHB students.  We receive many donations from LHABers in a year, most of which come in as part of the Band Day registration process.
If you are one of those who contribute annually on the Band Day registration form with a minimum $100 donation, bravo for you and keep it up!  Not only do your annual contributions play a BIG role in increasing our fund corpus (now over $800K!), they also are accumulating towards a major donor award for you!  (See details at
If you give annually to the LHAB Charitable Fund at a level below $100, you are still a hero to the LHB and us, but your donations are not accumulating towards a donor award for you.  If you are one of those in this category, and you think you could start giving annually at the $100 level, this would be a greatyear to start doing just that.  Think about it – – 3,000 members giving $100 a year is a whopping $300K per year!  We would easily cross $1 million in our Fund balance this year alone!
If your overall annual giving level to all charities is $1,000 or higher, you should really look into contributing to the LHAB Charitable Fund at the Maestro ($1K), Burnt Orange ($5K), Script Texas ($10K), Grandioso ($25K) or perhaps even the named-scholarship level ($30K).  At the Maestro Level and above, you receive a numbered award and your name appears in perpetuity in the annual LHAB Band Day Program.  How cool is that!
We and the Longhorn Band members greatly appreciate any and all donations, so choose your giving level, step off and step up!
Hook ‘em!
Mike Haecker
President – Board of Trustees
LHAB Charitable Fund
Clarinet, ’67-‘73